Loans, unlike grants and scholarships, will need to be repaid. There are two types: federally/state funded and private. Federally funded loans are best because they provide the most consumer-friendly loan rates, benefits, and repayment options. Private loans are available through banks and other private lenders and come with varying rates, benefits, and repayment options. If you are considering private loans, we encourage you to come in for one of financial aid workshops.

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Defaulted Student Loans

Do you have a defaulted student loan? If you want to find out or you are attempting to return to school and would like to receive financial aid again, you need to see if you may be able to participated in a loan rehabilitation program. To find out about the status of your student loans and/or eligibility for a loan rehabilitation program, you can call the following numbers: 1-800-233-0751 and 1-800-621-3115. If you know the company you received the educational loan through, you can also contact them to see if they offer any loan rehabilitation programs.

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PHEAA is the guaranty agency for the state of Pennsylvania and administers the State Grant Program and the Federal Student Loan Program. PHEAA also provides outreach services to secondary schools and community organizations to provide information on planning, preparing, and paying for higher education for all residents of Pennsylvania. Visit PHEAA