Grants and Scholarships


Grants and scholarships are great forms of financial aid because they do not need to be repaid. What's even better is that there are millions, if not billions of dollars available in the form of scholarships and grants. Some are available to almost anyone who applies. Others are designated for individuals who fit certain criteria, meaning they're of a certain age, race, financial standing, military or religious affiliation, etc.

Researching these opportunities on your own and understanding which ones you may be eligible to receive can be overwhelming. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with a Graduate! Philadelphia representative and come in for assistance.

If you prefer to research grants and scholarships yourself, we recommend you start with Beware of any service that charges you a fee for finding a scholarship or grant opportunity. Above-board scholarship and grant providers NEVER charge a fee for finding or applying for their services and awards.

For scholarship information specific to the college where you plan to enroll, call the financial aid office and inquire about financial aid and scholarships.

Additional Scholarship Websites for Adult Students

Rankin Foundation
Alpha Sigma Lamda
Business and Professional Women (BPW)
United Negro College Fund
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Executive Women's International - Philadelphia Chapter
Philadelphia Foundation
College Scholarships

Graduate! Philadelphia Partner College Scholarships

Peirce College
Widener University

Federal and State Grants

Federal and State financial assistance is need-based, meaning it is awarded on the basis of a student's need, not income. Families earning as much as $70,000 a year may still be able to demonstrate significant need, if they have one or more children in college, for example, and be eligible for federal and/or state financial assistance for a parent to go to college.

Grants for Pennsylvanians

PHEAA is the guaranty agency for the state of Pennsylvania and administers the State Grant Program, as well as the Federal Student Loan Program. PHEAA also provides outreach services to secondary schools and community organizations to provide information on planning, preparing, and paying for higher education for all residents of Pennsylvania. Learn more about PHEAA




For a list of next steps, including more funding resources, visit Philly Goes 2 College.