There are many deadlines to keep in mind when considering financial aid. Some apply to everyone, others only to residents of specific states. Find important deadlines below.

Tax Day

April 15th is the deadline to file your taxes. All financial assistance forms will require information from your tax return. So, be sure you file your taxes on time.

Once you enroll in college, remember to look into college tax deductions and credits


The deadline for your FAFSA is June 30th if you plan to attend classes in August. But remember, the PHEAA deadline is earlier and depends on your completed and processed FAFSA. Find federal grant and loans for adult students, financial assistance calculators, and other financial tools

Pennsylvania Residents

May 1st is the deadline for any returning student seeking assistance from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA), and you must have completed your tax return and filed your FAFSA in advance. Men must have registered for the draft when they were 18.




Delaware Residents

April 15th is the deadline for Delaware State financial aid. Applications must be received by this date. 
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New Jersey Residents

June 1st is the deadline if you received a Tuition Aid Grant in the current year. All other applications must be received by the following dates.

For fall and spring terms, October 1st is the deadline.

For spring term only, March 1st is the deadline. Learn more

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