Graduate! Philadelphia 2015 Workshop Series

APRIL 2015

Funding Your Education (April 14, 2015 from 12-1p)

Concerned about the financial aid process? Unsure if you qualify for assistance and looking for alternatives? Need a few leads on how to secure FREE funding? We understand that finances can be a barrier to degree completion and we want to help! Come learn how to secure funding at the federal and state level in addition to school funding and outside sources to cut costs and get you moving towards degree attainment.


Facilitated by: Porsche Holland, College Success Advisor

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MAY 2015

Stress Relief (May 12, 2015 from 5:30-6:30p)

Your health can have a big impact on what you do with your life and your education. While there are some health conditions you cannot control, there are many you can. One important factor that affects your overall health is stress. Change is usually stressful. Returning to school will be a significant change in your life. Taking care of your body and emotional health, and getting support when you need it, will also help you manage life's changes. Come learn about ways to manage and relieve stress.


Facilitated by: John Maeng, College Success Advisor

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JUNE 2015

Transition Between the Classroom and Workplace (June 9, 2015 from 12-1p)

Transitioning out of the classroom what you have learned into the workplace can happen in different ways.  Are you completing your degree to earn that promotion at your current job? Or are you returning to increase your earning potential for a future position?  Whatever the situation, your skills are transferrable. Join in this discussion and get tips to enhance your acquired skills.


Facilitated by: Denise Whittaker, College Success Advisor

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